About this site

This is a StarCraft 2 ladder tracking and statistics providing web site. Serves the The StarCraft 2 community since 2020.
Features include:
  • Ladder state in currently live Battle Net season as well as for previous seasons
  • Detailed data about players and teams including MMR progression over time
  • MMR Ranges for different ladder modes in different regions and seasons
  • Races distributions per ladder ranks (GM, Master, Diamond, etc…)
  • Overall players activity stats per season
  • Match history for teams
  • Teams (potentially) online status
  • Race, maps and balance reports based on played games for each Battle Net season
All data is updated regularly by fetching the current sc2 ladder standings from Battle.net using Battle.net® API.
Privacy Policy
No personal data is collected for site visitors. Usage activity is however tracked via Google Analytics in order to provide a better experience.
  • SC2 teams online status idea by ABomB.
  • Search by in-game profile links (battlenet:://starcraft/profile...) is powered by sc2arcade.
nonapa API
REST API is provided which can be used for non-commercial purposes. Api documentation (swagger ui) can be found here. In case you like it and use it please credit the nonapa web site.
All inquiries can be sent to nonapa.com@gmail.com